€329,878 funding for Wexford’s local access roads

Rural Wexford residents are set to benefit from €329,878 funding for local access roads with funding provided through the Local Improvement Scheme and aims to improve people’s quality of life in local areas.
Minister Michael D’Arcy said: “This scheme continues to be a lifeline for people living in rural areas because it directly improves their access to and from their homes and farms.
“It’s important to remember that many people living in rural areas use these roads every day, so when these roads fall into disrepair, it has a significant impact on them.
“The upkeep of these roads is a priority for people who live in Wexford and this funding, in conjunction with the local community’s own resources and the resources of Wexford County Council, will allow for the maintenance and improvement of many local roads in rural areas.
Local Authorities are still completing projects approved under the last round of funding in October 2018, and now Fine Gael in Government is announcing additional funding for the scheme in 2019.
Minister D’Arcy continued: “I am also conscious of the high cost of repairing some of the more remote rural roads and the impact this can have on the contribution which people living and farming along those roads can be asked to make.
“As part of the scheme in 2019, I am placing a cap of €1,200 on the amount that any individual householder or landowner will be asked to contribute towards the cost of repairs.
“This small but important change to the scheme will, I hope, facilitate the improvement of some of the more remote and sparsely populated roads in rural parts of Wexford.
Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring, said: “The scheme, since I reintroduced it in 2017, has been a great success and I continue to receive an unprecedented amount of positive feedback in relation to it.”

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