Tommy Hynes- Volunteers- 2019 Seana Ghael

Tommy Hynes played for 15 years with the Volunteers Footballers from 1968 to 1983. At midfield, he was a tower of strength with his ebullient style of play.

He was masterful with the aerial ball and had great mobility with the low ones. With his non stop running and intelligent play he was outstanding. He had bundles of heart and energy, and during his career, he must have covered acres and acres of ground.

Tommy loved to play the game as much as he loved to win. He contested every ball with vim and vigour, and always played with explosive power.

In his role at midfield, he received plenty of battering and roughness, but continued to play in a calm and composed way. He was brilliant in fielding, carrying and creating chances for his forward colleagues.

He was born in 1948 and was educated at Wexford C.B.S..

His Boyhood Hero was – Nickey Rackard R.I.P.. One of the best Goalie’s he has seen in Football was – Paddy Cullen (Dublin), and in Hurling, he selects – Ollie Walsh (Kilkenny) R.I.P..

One of his finest games playing for the Volunteers was vs St. Fintan’s in the 1977 Co. Intermediate Football Quarter Final. He was like a swallow in the air and a deer on the ground, surging through from his position with radar like efficiency invariably turning defence into attack.

The greatest Footballers he has seen were – Jack O’Shea, Brian Mullins, Peter Canavan, Mattie Forde, Ger Howlin, Redmond Barry and Andy Merrigan R.I.P.. The greatest he has seen was – Brian Mullins.

Some great Hurlers he has seen over the years were – Tony Doran, Frank Cummins, Jimmy Barry Murphy, Eddie Keher and Henry Shefflin.

In Wexford, in the last 40 years, brilliant players were – Larry O’Gorman, Tony Doran, Mick Jacob Snr. and Liam Bennett R.I.P.. The greatest he has seen was – Tony Doran.

Two of the best dual players he has seen outside of Wexford were – Jimmy Barry Murphy and Ray Cummins.

In Wexford, he selects – Phil Wilson, George O’Connor (St. Martin’s) and Martin Quigley. John “Stella” Walker was one of the best he has seen in Wexford Town.

When playing with the – Volunteers – the most difficult opponents he encountered were – Pat Rossiter (St. Fintan’s), Brian Furlong, Ger Howlin and Louie Rafter (Duffry Rovers).

The Volunteers Footballers that stood out in Tommy’s opinion were – Eamon O’Connor, Nicky Walsh, Nicky Jones and Eugene Nolan.

The best Club Teams he has seen in Wexford in Football were the – Duffry Rovers Team – and in Hurling, he selects the – Buffers Alley Team.

The two best Full Backs he has seen in Football were – Seamus Moynihan (Kerry) and Mick Lyons (Meath).

The two best Midfielders he has seen in Football were – Jack O’Shea and Brian Mullins.

The two best Full Forwards he has seen in Football were – Eoin “Bomber” Liston and Mattie Forde.

He played Hurling with the – Faythe Harriers – from 1976 to 1984, winning 1 Co. Senior Hurling Medal with them in 1981. He also won – 1 Co. Intermediate Football Medal with the Volunteers – in 1983. He usually played Corner Forward in Hurling.

The Faythe Harrier Hurlers that were very impressive were – Oliver McGrath, Ned Buggy, Larry O’Gorman, Liam Bennett R.I.P., George O’Connor, Eddie “Heffo” Walsh, Willy Murphy, John Kennedy and John “Stella” Walker.

The two best Full Backs he has seen in Hurling were – Pat Hartigan (Limerick) and Dan Quigley.

The two best Midfielders he has seen in Hurling were – John Fenton (Cork) and Frank Cummins (Kilkenny).

The two best Full Forwards he has seen in Hurling were – Tony Doran and Ray Cummins (Cork).

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