Nick Hayes- Our Lady’s Island- 2019 Seana Ghael

Nick Hayes was an excellent full back for Our Lady’s Island in both codes for a number of years. He was an astute assessor of play and how to mark opponents out of a game.

His calibre and consistency as a defender is reflected in his many outstanding displays. He played the game with pride, passion and courage. He manned the full back position with

authority and decisiveness. He had great confidence in his own ability to win possession and exemplified the spirit and dedication for his vigorous play all through his career.

He was very dependable and assured and always remained the anchor of his defense. He was born in 1942 and was educated at Our Lady’s Island N.S..

His Boyhood Hero was – Ned Wheeler.

One of the best goalie’s he has seen in Hurling was – Ollie Walsh (Kilkenny) R.I.P., and in

Football, he selects – Charlie Nelligan (Kerry).

He started playing Junior with Our Lady’s Island in the early 60’s and finished up with them in the mid 70’s.

The four most difficult opponents he encountered when playing were – John Keane (St. Fintan’s), Owen Cash (Shelmaliers), Eddie Walsh (Ballyhogue) and Tony Butler (St. Martin’s) R.I.P..

The Our Lady’s Island Hurlers that impressed him the most were – Paddy Parle, Bob Kearns, Danny Sinnott and Sean Devereux R.I.P..

The greatest Hurlers he has ever seen were – Nickey Rackard R.I.P., Billy Rackard R.I.P., Ned Wheeler, Frank Cummins, Henry Shefflin, Eddie Keher and Jimmy Doyle R.I.P..

In the last 40 years, the players that stood out in Wexford in Nick’s opinion were – Tony Doran, Mick Jacob Snr., George O’Connor, Liam Dunne, Martin Quigley and Donie Doyle (Our Lady’s Island and


The greatest hurler he has seen was – Billy Rackard R.I.P..

The greatest Footballer he has seen was – Mick O’Connell.

One of the best games of Hurling he has seen at Club Level was – Buffers Alley vs O’Donovan Rossa – in the 1989 All Ireland Club Hurling Final.

At Inter Co. Level, he selects the Game between – Wexford vs Cork – in the 1956 All Ireland Senior Final as the best game he has seen.

The best club teams he has seen in Wexford were the – Buffers Alley team – in Hurling, and in

Football, he selects the – Duffry Rovers team.

The two best dual players he has seen outside of Wexford were – Jimmy Barry Murphy (Cork) and Teddy McCarthy (Cork).

In Wexford, he selects – Phil Wilson, Lee Chin and George O’Connor – as great.

Two of the best dual players he has seen playing for Our Lady’s Island were – Danny Sinnott and Bob Kearns.

The two best Full Backs he has seen in Hurling were – Nick O’Donnell R.I.P. and Noel Hickey (Kilkenny).

The two best Midfielders he has seen were – Phil Wilson and Ned Wheeler.

The two best Full Forwards he has seen were – Nickey Rackard R.I.P. and Christy Ring R.I.P..

Of the present day Hurlers, the one’s that stands out were – T.J. Reid, Tony Kelly (Clare), Joe Canning and Seamus Callanan.

He played Juvenile and Minor with Our Lady’s Island-St. Fintan’s Utd..

One of his finest games playing with Our Lady’s Island was vs Oulart-The Ballagh in the 1962 Co. Junior Hurling Final. He had a regal game for the Club winning possession repeatedly and playing a stormer.

He also collected his one and only Medal in the Championship, but enjoyed every game he

played in.

Of the great Wexford team in the 50’s, his favourites were – Tim Flood R.I.P., Padge Kehoe R.I.P., Bobby Rackard R.I.P., Nickey Rackard R.I.P. and Mick O’Hanlon R.I.P..

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