Jim Foley- Faythe Harriers- 2019 Seana Ghael

Jim Foley from 1965 to 1971, was a pivotal figure in the defence for the Faythe Harriers Hurling club. Unfortunately for the club, he received an injury to his eye against Ger. O’Han’s. in the 1971 Co. Senior Hurling Championship, which forced him to give up Hurling.

However, he continued to play Football until the late 70’s, which was a lesser game from receiving any other injury to his eyes. He normally played his Hurling with Faythe Harriers in the half back line, a position he performed brilliantly in the majority of his games.

His ability to win possession in the tightest of situations was praiseworthy. His willingness to go through fire and water had to be admired. Jim showed great maturity and intelligence from a young age. He always seemed to have time and space to get in his clearances.

When playing in his defensive role, he marked tightly and never allowed any of his opponents the freedom to get a hit at the goal posts. He was cool and confident at all times, and never flustered in his role against all and sundry. He was also a brilliant Footballer again in a defensive position or at Midfield.

He played Juvenile Hurling, Minor Hurling and U’21 Hurling with the Faythe Harriers.

In Football, he played Juvenile, Minor and U’21 with the Sarsfields and Junior Football with the Dan O’Connell’s and the Volunteers.

Jim was born in 1947 and was educated at Wexford C.B.S..

His Boyhood Hero was – Ned Wheeler. One of the best goalie’s he has seen in Hurling was – Pat Nolan (Oylegate).

In Football, he selects – John O’Leary (Dublin).

One of his finest games playing with the Faythe Harriers Senior Hurling team was vs Buffers Alley in the 1968 Co. Senior Final. Starting the game at midfield, he moved to play on Tony Doran when Willy Murphy was ordered off.

In a defensive role, he was magnificent, clearing ball after ball down to his forward line. His display was as good as one could wish to see in a County Final. His balance, judgement, control, composure and the way he anticipated the flow of play made him a star elite on the day.

The four greatest Hurlers he has ever seen were – Mick Roche (Tipperary) R.I.P., Tommy Walsh (Kilkenny), Eddie Keher (Kilkenny) and D.J. Carey (Kilkenny).

In Wexford, the greatest he has seen in Hurling were – Phil Wilson, John Quigley, Mick Jacob and Colm Doran.

The greatest Hurler he has ever seen was – D.J. Carey (Kilkenny).

In Wexford, the greatest Hurlers he has seen were – Phil Wilson, John Quigley, Mick Jacob and Colm Doran.

The greatest Hurler he has ever seen was – D.J. Carey (Kilkenny). In Football, he selects – Mick O’Connell (Kerry).

In the last 40 years in Wexford, the Hurlers that stood out were – Mick Jacob, Tony Doran,

Willy Murphy, Colm Doran, Martin Quigley and John Quigley.

The five Faythe Harriers Players that were very impressive over a number of years were – Ned Wheeler, Oliver McGrath, Tommy Nolan, Willy Murphy and Ned Buggy.

The two best dual players he has seen outside of Wexford were – Des Foley (Dublin) R.I.P. and Jimmy Barry Murphy (Cork).

In Wexford, he selects – Phil Wilson, Martin Quigley and George O’Connor (St.Martin’s) – as superb Players.

The best full back he has seen in Hurling was – Nick O’Donnell R.I.P..

The best Midfielder he has seen was – Phil Wilson.

The best full forward he has seen was – Tony Doran.

Medals Jim won during his career include – 1 Co. Senior Hurling Medal with the Faythe Harriers in 1965, 1 Special Junior Hurling Medal with the Faythe Harriers in 1965, 2 U’21 Hurling Medals in 1966 and 1967, 1 U’21 Football Medal with the Sarsfields in 1967 and 1 Minor Football with the

Sarsfields in 1965. The greatest Football team he has seen was the – Kerry team – from 1975 to 1986.

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