Vincent Codd- Mountain Slashers- 2019 Seana Ghael

Vincent Codd was born in 1938 and was educated at Rathnure N.S.. His Boyhood Hero like so many others, was – Nickey Rackard R.I.P.. His career playing the game was a short one, as he had to work on the family farm, which meant very little time to put in any training. He started off been involved with – Mountain Slashers.

He was part of the management that saw the club win – 2 Co. Juvenile Hurling Titles in 1949 and 1951. He started playing Hurling with Rathnure in Minor in 1948 and 1949, but in the two years

they lost out to the – Starlights. The games were usually played at the Leap, Davidstown. The Starlights had fine Hurlers at that stage like – Jim O’Sullivan R.I.P., Mick Hyde R.I.P., Willy Bennett R.I.P., Paddy Kennedy R.I.P. and Ger Dwyer R.I.P.. With Rathnure likewise had their stars in – Peter Barron R.I.P., Gerry McGrath, Johnny O’Leary R.I.P., Jim English R.I.P., Tom Hayden and Tom Ryan.

In the late 50’s, Vincent went to work in Good Counsel College, New Ross as a Land Steward for the College and returned to Rathnure in 1970.

He was appointed selector with Rathnure Senior Hurling team that won 4 County Senior Hurling Titles in 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973.

He reckons this – Rathnure Team – along with – St. Aidan’s, Enniscorthy – were two of the best club teams he has seen in Wexford.

Difficult opponents he encountered when playing were – Seamus Hearne R.I.P., Michael Donohoe (Starlights) R.I.P. and Mick Hyde (Starlights) R.I.P..

The greatest Hurlers that he has seen were – Christy Ring R.I.P., Jimmy Doyle R.I.P., Pat Stakelum R.I.P. and Dan Quigley.

In Wexford, in the last 50 years, outstanding players were – Dan Quigley, Martin Quigley, Phil Wilson, Tony Doran, Mick Jacob and Tom Neville.

The best dual players he has seen in Wexford were – Phil Wilson, Martin Quigley and Redmond Barry.

The Rathnure Hurlers that stood out over the years were – Paul Codd, Billy Rackard R.I.P., Bobby Rackard R.I.P., Nickey Rackard R.I.P., Jim English R.I.P., Willy “Spud” Murphy R.I.P., Martin Quigley, Dan Quigley, Pat Quigley, Jimmy Quigley and John Quigley.

Two of the best club teams he has seen in Wexford, in Football, were the – Volunteers – in the 40’s, and the – Gusserane team – also in the 40’s.

His father – Martin Codd R.I.P. – got Vincent interested in the game at first.

Outstanding Footballers that he has seen over the years were – Peter Canavan, Willy Bryan (Offaly), John O’Keeffe (Kerry), Colm Cooper, Mick O’Connell and Matt Connor.

In Wexford, he selects – Des O’Neill R.I.P., Willie Goodison R.I.P., Paddy Kehoe R.I.P. and Sean Turner – as the best.

One of the most memorable games he played in was the 1945 Enniscorthy District Minor Hurling Final, played at the Leap in a classic vs the Starlights. Johnny O’Leary R.I.P. – was brilliant in this encounter, giving a masterclass display.

The Codd family gave great service to the Rathnure Club over the years. Markie, who played in 5 County Minor Hurling Finals, Martin Codd R.I.P. – won All Ireland’s with Wexford, John Codd – who got a Sean Ghael Award some years back and Tom Codd – all played star roles for Rathnure. Mike, Austin, Pat, Harry, Jackie and Paul – were great playing for the club.

The two best full backs he has seen in Hurling were – Nick O’Donnell R.I.P. and Dan Quigley.

The two best midfielders he has seen were – Phil Wilson and Ned Wheeler.

The two best full forwards he has seen were – Nickey Rackard R.I.P. and Tony Doran.

The best goalie he has seen was – Tony Reddin (Tipperary) R.I.P..

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