Monageer Grotto restored followed vandalism

The wormery at Monageer Grotto Sensory Park suffered at the hands of vandals.

The award-winning Monageer Parish Grotto and Sensory Path and the woodland walk has been restored following an act of vandalism that sent waves of anger throughout the parish.
Posting on Facebook the Monageer Grotto page revealed that they were sickened see the extreme damage done by wanton vandals on Friday evening. This is on top of the damage done earlier in the week.

The wormery at Monageer Grotto Sensory Park suffered at the hands of vandals.

The music wall was almost destroyed. Picnic tables were overturned and thrown down the bank. Signs and fairy doors were pulled off. Wormery was damaged. Water turned on.
Books were removed from book exchange and torn up and thrown around the woodland walk. Excrement was laced in the book library! The matter was investigated by the Gardai.
A message posted this afternoon explained that those responsible for the recent acts of vandalism were at the Grotto from early in the morning with their parents.
“They have cleared up the damage, apologised, and have offered to work there to make reparation for their misdeeds. We truly hope they have learned their lesson and will never do anything like that again.”
The members of the grotto committee said they have been astonished by the messages of support and by the numbers who turned up this morning to help. “Community spirit is alive and well in Monageer.”
Thanks was also expressed to the Gardai “who worked quickly last night.”
The amenity is safe for children to come and visit their favourite fairies again!
Bishop Denis Brennan celebrated an open-air Mass on Sunday, June 24th to mark the opening of the new Monageer Parish Grotto Sensory Path development and there was a large attendance.
The grotto is located in a disused quarry close to the village centre and in May 2015 the William O’Brien woodland walk and a small woodland play area was established and inspired a local committee to explore the possibility of putting in a path.
With the suggestion of a Sensory Path, Monageer entered a competition and won second prize of €5,500 and this money kick-started a three-year-plan.
It was decided that the 75-metre long path would accessible to all and where possible recycled materials would be used.
Wexford County Council have been very supportive of the project.

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