Another massive blaze on Vinegar Hill

Firefighters from Enniscorthy tackling a blaze on Vinegar Hill in 2018. Archive Pic;

A number of units of Wexford Fire Service are tacking a huge blaze on Vinegar Hill this evening, just 20 days after fire took hold of the historic Enniscorthy landmark on July 25th.
Flames shooting into the sky and intense smoke was first noticed around 5.30 pm and emergency services swing into action.
Much of the vegetation that survived the last fire is now being destroyed with the fire originating in the general area of the July inferno.

Vegetation blazing on Vinegar Hill this evening.

It is expected that the fire services will be at the scene for many hours and the aim is to prevent the fire from spreading to residential property in the area.
Wexford Fire Service requested the public to be vigilant during the ‘heatwave’ weather and warned people not to light fires, either intentionally or accidentally, due to the extremely dry weather.
People are asked people not to light barbecues outside of designated areas and to always take care when disposing of cigarettes because of the tinder dry nature of vegetation across the county.
Though there has been some rain in recent days the warning is still relevant.
If anyone notices smoke they should immediately contact the emergency services on 999 or 112.

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