No parish is guaranteed a resident priest

Bishop Denis Brennan Bishop of Ferns

The Bishop of Ferns, Dr Denis Brennan has announced that “due to continuing reduction in the number of active priests in the Diocese of Ferns, no parish can be guaranteed a replacement resident priest if the current priest is moved or retires.”
He added; “In this eventuality, the parish will be looked after pastorally and administratively from within a group of priests of that pastoral area.”

FR BILLY FLYNN becomes Parish Priest of Gorey.

The effects of this announcement will commence on Sunday, August 5th when the first changes take place.
In St Michael’s Parish, Gorey, (includes Tara Hill), there is reversal of roles, the current Parish Priest, Fr William Howell becomes the curate and the title of Parish Priest is bestowed on Fr Billy Flynn.
Fr Flynn is a native of Enniscorthy and was ordained at Rowe Street Church, Wexford, in June 1991.
Fr Billy Swan, C.C., St Aidan’s Cathedral, Enniscorthy, becomes Co-Ordinator of the Diocesan Vocations team as a replacement for Fr Jim Finn.
Further changes are effective from September 2nd; Fr Pat Stafford, Parish Priest of Glynn, retires, and Fr John Carroll, Diocesan Chancellor and curate at Barntown becomes Diocesan Chancellor and Parish Priest of Glynn.
Monsignor Don Kenny, Parish Priest of Ramsgrange, takes retirement on health grounds. Fr Brian Whelan, chaplaincy Irish Armed Forces becomes Administrator at Ramsgrange.

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