Bit of a buzz in Gorey Library on Thursday!

Gorey Library is the place to be on Thursday at 7 pm where Mary Montaut of the Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations will give a talk on bees and beekeeping.

It is an introductory talk for those interested in starting beekeeping, or generally interested in nature, wildlife and gardening.
Mary will discuss the important role of bees, both wild and managed, in pollination and the beekeeper’s crucial work in helping biodiversity.
This is not a detailed discussion of the technical aspects of the beekeeping craft, rather it aims to encourage those interested in bees and will include advice about gardening with bees in mind.
Mary Montaut works to publicise the plight of bees, both managed and wild.
If you would like to bee there, remember booking is essential, but all are welcome.

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