Seniors Alert Scheme Details

Senior Alert Scheme



Seniors Alert Scheme Details

Any organisation wishing to deliver the scheme in their area must be a community based, voluntary and a not-for-profit organisation.

As already reported on by Wexford, the Department of Rural and Community Development has introduced this scheme under “Pobal” in the past and the current scheme is running since the 1st November 2017.

The purpose is to provide older people with the support of the first year’s subscription to get a free personal alarm or pendant. When the personal alarm or pendant is pressed, it connects wirelessly to a base unit which immediately sends a call to a 24 hour monitoring centre.

It is important to note that this alarm may only be utilised effectively for purpose within the radius of your home. Therefore, for anybody who spends a lot of time outside the home, elsewhere, or travelling, it may not be suitable for their purposes as the alarm is linked to the base unit.  Prospective future subscribers to the service are advised not to bring their panic alarm buttons with them to hospitals on days for medical appointments as when they are lost they cost an additional 50 euros to replace. will feature a review and comprehensive assessment on other options using available technologies already available to people in respect of safety devices and panic alarms in a forthcoming post.

The monitoring centre provide the alarm and associated services.  In this case, “Tunstall Emergency Response”, a Bunclody-based company, are the monitoring centre used by a lot of people throughout County Wexford and their representative, Ms. Lisa O’ Leary, made a presentation to detail their services.  It is understood that over 60000 applications have been grant-aided to date.

The first year of use is covered by this scheme only and is to include the installation of the base unit and panic button per person with two designated responders known to you and chosen by you to respond in an emergency.  If there is more than one person in need of the service in the one household, one application needs to be filled out per person due to the separate passwords required and the Scheme does cover this.  The criteria is for over 65’s however people under 65 are availing of it also at a cost of 80 euros per year.

It’s important to note that for anybody who needs an alarm support due to poor or limited mobility and or balance issues, disabilities, epilepsy, diabetes or Parkinson’s Disease, there is an Fall Detector available for a cost of 110 euros per year as this is not provisioned under the Scheme.  It is also noteworthy that it is not necessary for those over 65 years of age to be living on their own any longer, which was a requirement for eligibility in the previous scheme.  The subscription cost has been reduced from 80 to 60 euros so far this year.

If you have no existent landline in your home, it can be installed to synchronise with mobile phones via an integrated GSM unit for a cost of 137 euros per year. Top-up sim cards need to be purchased on a monthly basis for this unit at an extra cost so it may be useful to consider getting in a landline if that suits your circumstances.

At the talk in Wexford Library on Thursday 7th June, Ms. Judith Robinson represented the rural sector from the Crossabeg Community Alert Scheme where they will be implementing the scheme and processing it on a community basis.

Suzanne, from Wexford Family Carers Office in Henrietta Street, Wexford, elaborated that anybody who wishes to avail of the scheme from an urban or rural background may put in an application for each individual as required to have it processed through the Wexford Family Carer’s Office.

People were also advised that if they have availed of it recently and paid for the scheme for the first year already, the second year of their subscription to the service will be funded in lieu by the scheme.

“Pobal” administer the scheme so people are advised to consult directly with them on if you choose to go through an organisation’s application route.

So do ensure that you read up on the terms and conditions to ensure you have full information in advance of filling out an application form with Family Carer’s Ireland, which admittedly is the route that the majority of people are taking.  The distinct advantage is that the turnaround time is a fortnight from application though to installation and completion of the service.

  Pobal may be contacted at or by telephone on 01 5117222 for assistance.


To assist with registration people are advised to review the following documents below which are available on

Seniors Alert Scheme Brochure

Terms and Conditions Organisation

Privacy Policy (Organisations)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) – Organisation Registration

User Guide – Registration and Sign In

List of Registered SAS Organisations



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